Get ready for summer party!

Our bloggers from 4B grade started to think about summer holiday! They think about travelling with their friends and family to the seaside or to the mountains. So, how can we have fun on the way? Singing funny and entertaining  songs in the car, in the plane or in the train! Here are some happy songs and rhymes for you and your friends!

Get ready for summer party and have fun with English!

Teacher M.


7 thoughts on “Get ready for summer party!

  1. theo

    In the summer, all day long,
    We are the swimming pool,
    We have bathing suits and slippers,
    And the water is nice and cool!

  2. Baleasnu sorin

    Oh , what a mystery !
    The mouse studied history ,
    The kangarooclimbed up a tree ,
    The elphante played the saxophone ,
    And the bumblebee dived in the seal .

  3. Baleasnu sorin

    The Bee
    Lookat me :
    I’m the bee !
    I fly alomg
    All day long ,
    For many hours
    I look for flowers
    That look yummy
    To get honey
    Fresh and sweet
    For you to eat !

  4. theo

    There is a mouse in the hall,
    Look at him it is very SMALL!
    And under the deep blue sea
    The BIG whale is swimming slowly!/swimming,G!

  5. florea mihai daniel

    What are you doing
    On your holiday?
    Im visiting my friends
    Because we like to play!

    What are you doing?
    At school today?
    Im readinng and studying
    And writing the essasy!

    What are you doing
    With your family?
    We are having dinner
    And watching TV

  6. Roxana

    Oh ,what a mistery!
    The mouse studied history
    The kangoroo climbed up a tree
    The elephant played the saxophone
    and the bumblebee dived in the sea


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